Kolla in de senaste filmklippen från Tanzania som visar nytutvecklade ugnar

Ugnarna är specialdesignade för att fungera optimalt med gräsbriketter. Detta är en fortsättning på det lyckade projektet där Glommers Miljöenergi AB i samarbete med Arvidsjaurs kommun installerade Afrikas första gräsbriketteringsmaskin i en liten by utanför Mwanga i Tanzania.

Biomassa är fullt av kraft!

Kolla in presentationen från bioenergimässan på Elmia i Jönköping i oktober 2014 där  bland annat Glommers miljöenergi AB:s senaste satsning på rörflensströ presenterades.

Spis för gräs sparar träd i Tanzania

Se SVT inslaget om GME:s projekt i Tanzania där företaget har hjälpt till att starta en fabrik för tillverkning av Afrikas första gräsbriketter. Reportaget visar bilder från tidigare besök i Tanzania och samt när bröderna Bo och Lasse Lundmark förbereder sin senaste resa till området för att installera en spis för eldning av gräsbriketter. Läs hela SVT-artikeln här!

The fuel that became animal bedding

Watch Swedish Television story on GME’s new route choice when it comes to the energy grass reed canary grass. Read the full story on the SVT website. The way ahead passes through cows and horses Glommers Environmental Energy AB have after years of effort and development concluded that the most economically viable way for Briquetted reed canary right now is to use it as bedding for horses and cows. Then wood chips will be released which instead could be used for bioenergy. Reed canary grass has the advantage that it could ultimately be returned to farmland and become a natural part of the cycle which cutter shavings of wood is not suitable for.

Bedding red canary grass

The GME bedding of briquetted and shredded reed canary grass

To learn more or order Reed canary grass Bedding. Contact Bo Lundmark on +46 70 246 86 93 or email stro@glommersmiljoenergi.se

Project summary now available in Swedish

The project summary for 2012 is now available in Swedish. It covers Heating Production by reed canary grass briquettes, Briquette production from reed canary grass using screw press technique by www.asket.plCultivation/Harvestwhere we are concentrating on cost efficency calculations.

In Demonstration/Information To be more flexible with our demonstrations we have the spring of 2012 purchased a trailer with 2/5 support from Swedish Board of Agriculture. (see annexes 6,7,8). Now we can in a more flexible way go out on demonstrations.

Contact us on Glommers Miljöenergi AB for more information gme@telia.com

“Keep Mwanga Green” – the film about GME and Arvidsjaur municipality’s exciting bioenergy project in Tanzania

bo in tanzaniaMkombozi Biofuel Factory started up during spring 2012, a cooperation between Mwanga District CouncilArvidsjaur Municipality and Glommers Miljöenergi! The work started summer and autumn 2011. Click on the heading to watch the film and to read more about the project.

Film by: Bodil Lundmark
Music by: Yanini Malumbano and Glesbygd’n
Film financed by: Vattenfall and Glommers Miljöenergi AB

Mkombozi Biofuel Factory Kilimanjaro

Mkombozi Biofuel Factory. This small scale factory (60 kg/h) in Mwanga District, Tanzania, is producing briquettes from different types of grass, delivering to a nearby school, Kileo School, that is using the grass briquettes as fuel for cooking. Glommers Miljöenergi AB, Mwanga District Council and Kileo School is together working on constructing stoves for cooking, using 50-100% grass briquettes.


Production at Mkombozi Biofuel Factory




The BIOMASSER grass briquetting technique is produced by the Polish company Asket and has a production capacity of 60-1000 kg/h. Please check out their web page for technical information: asket.pl

Problem Description
Energy distribution is, despite of enormous amounts of solar energy and at times very good conditions for wind energy, a very large obstacle in the development of Tanzania and Mwanga District. Lack of energy, in addition to technical barriers and general problems, creates deforestation of solid fuel and illegal logging in order to produce coal which is sold in urban areas. In addition, there is no reforestation leading to high erosion damages etc. in the nature.

GME Stove

Zuberi Athumani Bumbila - Chair of Mkombozi Group, working on the grass briquette stove

The objective of the project is to give knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship to local enterprises and cooperatives in how to produce efficient and profitable briquettes out of existing plant fibers.

Expected Results
Enterprise/cooperative which successfully have adopted the technology and knowledge of how to efficiently produce briquettes, acting as raw model in Mwanga District and Kilimanjaro Regions. The long-term objective is to develop a new business area.

Good results – field evaluation of combustion with RCG

susanne hjo

Susanne Paulrud, SP och Dan Skavhellen, Hjo Värmeteknik, studies the combustion results from RCG briquettes Photo: Marit Sjöqvist/Hjo tidning

The trials were made by SP during March 2012 at Hjo Värmeteknik. They were burning Reed Canary Grass briquettes from Glommers Miljöenergi and Låttra Gård for more than one month in a small boiler at 32kW. – It worked really well, and they had no stops. We were measuring good values on the emissions during the two days that we were doing measuring series and dust samples.

Hjo Värmeteknik continued burning the briquettes for two more weeks without stops or problems with coating, Susanne Paulrud says to the paper Bioenergi.
Read the whole article in Swedish Fältutvärdering av eldning med rörflen – Goda resultat i Hjo!
Tidningen Bioenergi 3/2012

RCG from seed to heating- a sustainable life cycle. Come with us through the presentation

“New” biofuel raw materials – new business possibilities!


Welcome to a Biofuel Day in Nyköping on April 2 2012!

Demonstration, information and a study visit to a school using reed canary grass briquettes for heating and hot water. For more information please go to the Swedish side.

Project summary now available in Swedish


The project summary for 2011 is now available in Swedish. It covers Heating Production by reed canary grass briquettes, Briquette production from reed canary grass using screw press technique by www.asket.pl, Cultivation/Harvest where we are concentrating on cost efficency calculations and Demonstration/Information where, amongst others, we have had visitors from Tanzania, Scotland, Ireland, Finland and Norway.

Contact us on Glommers Miljöenergi AB for more information gme@telia.com