Energy Day in Umeå October 7

There will be an Energy Day at Forslundagymnasiet outside Umeå on October 7 with seminars and demonstration (In Swedish). GME will make briquettes out of Reed Canary Grass.

Please contact Gröna Navet in Umeå or Per-Göran Persson for more information before October 3:
Gröna Navet 090-16 41 83 eller mail
P-G Persson 090-10 82 55

Visit from Tanzania

In July, a delegation from Mwanga and Kileo village arrived in Glommersträsk from Tanzania to learn how to make briquettes out of straw. This is part of an exchange project between Arvidsjaur Municipality and Mwanga District Council.

At the end of August, GME together with Arvidsjaur Municipality will go to Mwanga to demonstrate grass briquetting and to complete the briquetting training course.

Read more in Swedish on:
Glommersträsk hjälper Tanzania (P4)

“Mr Energy” lär befolkning i Afrika göra briketter av risskal och gräs

Arvidsjaur räddar skog i Tanzania (Norran)

Briketter ska rädda skogen (PT)

Gräs kan vara lösningen på energibristen i Tanzania (PT)

Well-attended demonstration day in Glommersträsk

The demonstration day in Glommersträsk was very nice and well attended. Read more in Swedish on:—en-auktoritet-inom-biobransle/

Demonstration Day for Energy Production in Glommersträsk

Thursday May 26 10.30 a.m to 3 p.m there will showing of harvest, briquetting and energy production based on the energy grass Reed Canary Grass in Glommerstäsk, Arvidsjaur. The National Demonstration Project x will be informing on current status and you will get the chance to see new technique – Sweden’s first mobile briquetting factory for straw. 
Read more here in Swedish and let us know you are coming before May 23.


International Exchange with Tanzania

visit-august-2010The forest in Mwanga, Tanzania is being ruined to cater for cooking and heating. A delegation from Mwanga District Council has recently visited the forest based municipality Arvidsjaur to learn more about alternative sournces of energy.
-We want to learn how to bettter take care of our forest says John Shigela, Development Officer of Mwanga DC.

Sweden’s first Mobile Briquetting Factory for RCG inaugurated

Tuesday October 19 Sweden’s first mobile factory for making straw briquettes was inaugurated together with the project Reed Canary Grass for small scale heating systems in sparsely populated areas. Part of the project is to use the RCG briquettes for heating a local block of flats.