Good results – field evaluation of combustion with RCG

susanne hjo

Susanne Paulrud, SP och Dan Skavhellen, Hjo Värmeteknik, studies the combustion results from RCG briquettes Photo: Marit Sjöqvist/Hjo tidning

The trials were made by SP during March 2012 at Hjo Värmeteknik. They were burning Reed Canary Grass briquettes from Glommers Miljöenergi and Låttra Gård for more than one month in a small boiler at 32kW. – It worked really well, and they had no stops. We were measuring good values on the emissions during the two days that we were doing measuring series and dust samples.

Hjo Värmeteknik continued burning the briquettes for two more weeks without stops or problems with coating, Susanne Paulrud says to the paper Bioenergi.
Read the whole article in Swedish Fältutvärdering av eldning med rörflen – Goda resultat i Hjo!
Tidningen Bioenergi 3/2012

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