“Keep Mwanga Green” – the film about GME and Arvidsjaur municipality’s exciting bioenergy project in Tanzania

bo in tanzaniaMkombozi Biofuel Factory started up during spring 2012, a cooperation between Mwanga District CouncilArvidsjaur Municipality and Glommers Miljöenergi! The work started summer and autumn 2011. Click on the heading to watch the film and to read more about the project.

Film by: Bodil Lundmark
Music by: Yanini Malumbano and Glesbygd’n
Film financed by: Vattenfall and Glommers Miljöenergi AB

Mkombozi Biofuel Factory Kilimanjaro

Mkombozi Biofuel Factory. This small scale factory (60 kg/h) in Mwanga District, Tanzania, is producing briquettes from different types of grass, delivering to a nearby school, Kileo School, that is using the grass briquettes as fuel for cooking. Glommers Miljöenergi AB, Mwanga District Council and Kileo School is together working on constructing stoves for cooking, using 50-100% grass briquettes.


Production at Mkombozi Biofuel Factory




The BIOMASSER grass briquetting technique is produced by the Polish company Asket and has a production capacity of 60-1000 kg/h. Please check out their web page for technical information: asket.pl

Problem Description
Energy distribution is, despite of enormous amounts of solar energy and at times very good conditions for wind energy, a very large obstacle in the development of Tanzania and Mwanga District. Lack of energy, in addition to technical barriers and general problems, creates deforestation of solid fuel and illegal logging in order to produce coal which is sold in urban areas. In addition, there is no reforestation leading to high erosion damages etc. in the nature.

GME Stove

Zuberi Athumani Bumbila - Chair of Mkombozi Group, working on the grass briquette stove

The objective of the project is to give knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship to local enterprises and cooperatives in how to produce efficient and profitable briquettes out of existing plant fibers.

Expected Results
Enterprise/cooperative which successfully have adopted the technology and knowledge of how to efficiently produce briquettes, acting as raw model in Mwanga District and Kilimanjaro Regions. The long-term objective is to develop a new business area.

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